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With over a decade of experience working with companies of all shapes and sizes, and across industries, I’ve come to realize that the fundamentals of every business are the same.

I naively started my first business 15 years ago. After spending my younger years being my mom’s roadie, and recording bands with my brother, I was determined to open my own audio production facility. I had my life plan set: Go to college, get an internship, and learn everything there is to know about sound recording and owning my own business.

By the time I was 21, I had graduated college (check!), interned in music-based tech (check!), and gotten my first “real” job as a studio manager for a post house (check!). I was proud of the speed at which I had completed all of this. This must be “it”, I told myself.

In a male dominated profession, I thought I had to be tough, unemotional, and uncompromising. I saw how women who were “soft” were treated. I was in a decision making, influential role and making a lot of money. I look back at this version of me and cringe. I was writing a bid for a major movie project, when I got the call that my brother was diagnosed with cancer. #fuckcancer

This was one of many wake up calls over the following five years, and the first real kick the gut when I looked at myself in mirror and asked, “who are you?” What I didn’t know was that you can be both a powerful A-type female, and honor your most sensitive self. No one told me otherwise, and I certainly didn’t know I had permission to be my full self.

This is why I started the Gumption Collective.

If you always seek outside approval — that you’re good enough or cool enough, you’re screwed.

Learning to balance the perfectionist business person and the heart-centered human is a full time job. Your empathic nature can make or break you. If you’re anything like me (which is probably the case if you’re reading this) you tried for a long time to go it alone, to find answers within yourself. Learn from my mistakes -- I’m here to tell you that we must find help outside ourselves.