I dreamed up Thrive with Gumption to inspire more women to action, and create community both online and in-person.

Our meet-ups are designed to foster a sense of community where broad-minded people are embraced, and the focus in life is doing good in the world. These inspiring living-room style chats will make you motivated to take action on your dreams.

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  • You’re unwilling to compromise yourself.

  • You have grit, tolerance, accountability, and the desire for balance.

  • You believe in integrity above all else.

  • You have a heart that often gets stuffed into a box. Everything you do comes from love, and logic.

  • You're a powerful woman who doesn’t settle or play small.

  • You own your shit.

  • You’re ready to conquer your fears through fucking action.


What fuels you

Coming Soon

Our kick off event to get to know each other. As movement and creative professionals, combined with overall “over-achiever syndrome”, it’s often hard to know what fuels us outside of work. Or maybe we think it’s “work” but it’s really something much deeper — like our desire to serve others. Join us for this first living-room style series and dive into your “why”.

building community

Coming Soon

What does community mean to you? And how does it benefit, or sometimes harm, our self worth?

Grab some comfy pants, drink a glass of wine, and relax while we build our own community to support like-minded women.

The relationship series

Coming Soon

We will dive into relationships — to our self, partner, friends, family, clients, and even money.

This evening’s chat will focus on self-care.


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